Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is the largest international airport in Scandinavian countries. Every year, millions of travelers from all over the world fly via CPH when visiting Denmark or transiting through the airport. Having mobile data access upon arrival at CPH is crucial for many to stay connected, access maps, and inform contacts. Getting a local prepaid SIM card at Copenhagen Airport is often the most convenient way to get connected. Here is a detailed guide on where and how to buy a SIM card when you land at CPH.

SIM CARD at Copenhagen AIRPORT

I. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Copenhagen Airport

There are several options for purchasing a prepaid SIM card upon arrival at Copenhagen Airport. The three main locations are:

1. WHSmith store

The WHSmith is located in Terminal 3. It’s open daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. This store sells prepaid SIM cards from the main Danish operators including Telenor, Telia, 3 (Tre), and Lebara. Prices range from 99DKK to 149DKK for a prepaid starter pack.

  • Opening hours: 6:00 – 22:00 daily
  • Location: Terminal 2 – International Arrivals, near Gate A, B
WHSmith store at Copenhagen Airport
WHSmith store at Copenhagen Airport

2. 7-Eleven Stores

There are three 7-Eleven convenience stores at Copenhagen Airport located in Terminals 2 and 3. These stores sell Lebara and Lycamobile prepaid SIM cards which cost 99DKK. Lebara provides good value prepaid plans on the Telenor network.

  • Opening hours: Open 24 hours
  • Location: Arrivals hall, after passport control
  • Language Support: English
7-Eleven at Copenhagen Airport
7-Eleven at Copenhagen Airport

In summary, the Airport Teleshop and 7-Eleven stores are the most convenient places to buy a local Danish SIM card upon arrival at CPH. Lebara and Lycamobile plans offer good short-term value on the Telenor or TDC networks.

II. Copenhagen Airport SIM Card Options and Costs

Here is an overview of the main prepaid SIM card options available for purchase at Copenhagen Airport and their estimated costs:

SIM Card Option Cost (USD) Data / Minutes Provided
Oister SIM (WH Smith shop) ~$7 50 Kroner credit (100MB data or 100 minutes)
Lebara SIM (7-Eleven) ~$7 10 Kroner credit
Lebara 10 hours/60GB bundle (top up) ~$14 10 hours calls, 60GB data
Vending machine SIMs ~$5-8 200MB data, 50 minutes

As you can see, Lebara and Lycamobile offer the most economical prepaid plans using the Telenor and TDC networks. Purchasing the starter pack from stores like 7-Eleven or vending machines is the cheapest option.

III. What You Need to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Copenhagen Airport

Here are some tips on what to have ready when purchasing a prepaid SIM card upon arrival at Copenhagen Airport:

  • Passport: Your passport is required for identification to buy a SIM card in Denmark.
  • Unlocked phone: Your phone must be unlocked to use a Danish SIM. Check with your home carrier that your device is unlocked for international use.
  • SIM card size: Have ready a standard size or nano SIM for modern phones. The store can cut down regular SIMs if required.
  • Danish currency: Have some Danish Kroner (DKK) to pay for the SIM card and top-up. ATMs are available at the airport.
  • Power adapter: Bring a universal adapter to be able to charge your phone in Denmark. The standard voltage is 230V.

Being prepared with these items will ensure you can easily purchase and install a Danish prepaid SIM card at Copenhagen Airport when you land.

SIM vending machine at Copenhagen Airport
SIM vending machine at Copenhagen Airport

IV. eSIM as an Alternative to SIM Card at Copenhagen Airport

Using an eSIM digital SIM plan is an alternative to a physical SIM card when arriving at Copenhagen Airport. The advantages of an eSIM include:

  • Don’t need to find a store to buy a SIM card
  • Remote activation from home before departure
  • Dual SIM capability to have local and home plans active
  • Flexibility to change plans easily

While eSIM plans are more expensive than local SIMs, they offer great convenience for short Copenhagen trips. Be sure your phone supports eSIM before depending on this option.

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Q: How much do prepaid SIM cards cost at Copenhagen airport?

A: Prices range from 99DKK to 149DKK for prepaid starter packs which include local call credits. Lebara and Lycamobile offer the most economical SIM options.

Q: Can I buy a SIM card landside at Copenhagen airport?

A: No, SIM card stores are only located airside in the arrivals halls. You must pass through immigration first.

Q: Is ID required to buy a SIM card at Copenhagen airport?

A: Yes, a valid passport or EU national ID card is required to purchase and register a prepaid SIM card.

Q: Do Copenhagen airport shops sell eSIM?

A: No, physical stores only sell regular SIM cards. eSIM would need to be ordered online before your trip.

VI. Final Words

Getting a prepaid Danish SIM card at Copenhagen Airport upon arrival is the easiest way to stay connected on your trip. Major operators like Telenor and Telia offer great service, while Lebara and Lycamobile provide cheaper short-term data packages using local networks. Be sure to compare plans and prices in advance. Have your unlocked phone, passport, and Danish currency ready to swiftly pick up and activate your SIM at Copenhagen Airport. Alternatively, an international eSIM plan can provide flexibility but at a higher cost. With the right SIM card, you’ll stay online as soon as you land in Copenhagen!